It starts with a kiss….

That pull of attraction…the crackle of tension in the air…that infinite, agonising momentary wait for lips to touch…

I’ve been deep in the world of Ivy and Jess lately – sisters who are torn apart by love for a man. Like all of my books, it’s delving into grey areas of what we and society deem to be acceptable (or not), which lines are able to be crossed and which are absolute no-gos. And my mind keeps turning to that moment, right before the kiss that leads to two sisters never seeing each other again. I find that as my writing process matures, I become much more visual, so Pinterest has become my new procrastination.

Clean lines, rose gold and chic, Parisian style (hello, Jess), dreadlocks, nose rings and a kaleidoscope of colour (that’d be Ivy) against a backdrop of windswept beaches, craggy rock faces and the tang of salty air (welcome to Cornwall).

I realise that, the process of starting a book is a bit like starting a relationship. Tantalising glimpses of what could be when things get going. I can’t WAIT to share this book with you guys!

Natalie Martin is a bestselling Women’s Fiction author with a passion for empowering women through story, embodied yoga and self-development and mindset coaching.

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