Two backpackers. One week. What happens in Ibiza…
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When Selina finds herself at the centre of a social media scandal, there are only three things she can do: withdraw her savings, quit her temping job and leave. Vowing to stay away from men altogether, she swaps London for volunteering in Colinas Verde on the island of Ibiza. With its relaxed, eco-friendly lifestyle and sunny skies, it’s the perfect place to start her backpacking adventure and forget the humiliation she left behind. If only it weren’t for Alex.

Alex is travelling solo, and with good reason. After his promising rock climbing career was cut short, his life descended into a spiral of self-destruction. With no other option than to leave his Berlin home and ex behind, he’s determined not to make the same mistakes again. Opting to volunteer in sleepy Colinas Verde over Ibiza’s hedonistic south was a decision that paid off, until Selina showed up.

New housemates Selina and Alex are both determined to stick to their promises but in a place where people come and go and relationships are intense, old habits die hard.

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