Hello, lovely! I’m Nat.

On a cold, wet January day in 2014, I quit my comfortable corporate job in London and jumped on a plane to India for a backpacking adventure. It was a trip that changed my outlook on life for good and gave me the confidence to fulfil my dream of becoming a writer.  I self-published my debut novel, Together Apart, which become a No.1 bestseller on the Amazon charts. My second full length novel, Love You Better, also became a bestseller on release in October 2015. My third novel, What Goes Down, was released in September 2017 and after a three year hiatus, I’m currently working on my fourth which is due for release in November 2021. I also have two novellas, Wanderlust and Pull, which you can read for free by joining my mailing list.

My books feature characters who are real and life-like – people who could well be your sister, aunt or best friend – and issues that are far from the stereotypical ‘fluffy’ romance storylines. These books are what I like to call Women’s Fiction with Soul. They’re all about the empowerment of women whilst dealing with issues such as domestic violence and mental illness.

I now live in Bavaria, Germany where I also work as a menstrual cycle coach and yoga teacher. You can find out more here.

You can find me over on Instagram where I post more or less daily, or connect with me via email.

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