How to become a writer. And stuff.

I make no secret of the fact that I’m some kind of spiritual seeker, and honestly believe that when you open yourself up to things, good stuff happens. This has been proven to me this morning when I got an Instagram message from a lovely girlie I met a couple of times in Goa. She was watching an interview between Cheryl Strayed and Marie Forleo (I’d never heard of them) and thought of me. Bizarre? Perhaps. But this is the same lady who’d drawn me to Light Is The New Black. a book that I never even knew I so desperately needed and has made huge changes in my life since.

The interview in question is mostly about how to become a writer. Cheryl talks about her struggles, including freeing herself from guilt about not writing everyday (I don’t write every day either but I do still feel guilty about it), and the reality of appearing successful but still having your rent cheque bounce (I haven’t had a cheque bounce, mainly because I don’t have a cheque book, but I did have just £1 in my account from the end of November until about two weeks ago). Yes, the life of a writer, artist, photographer or just about any other creative is hard, but it can also be so worth it. And the interview goes much deeper than that. It talks about life and how we motivate ourselves, how we can be happy in all weathers and spread the happiness to others. This spoke to me on so many levels. Hopefully, it will do the same with you and inspire/motivate you to keep on going!

Enjoy ❤



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