The PR Machine

One of the biggest, and hardest things about being a writer, is getting your voice heard. There’ve been many a time, and there still are, when I’ve wondered if anyone can hear me when it comes to Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr – there are so many sites with so many writers all trying to achieve the same thing. Get new readers, followers and sales. So, you can imagine the happy dance I did when my publishers emailed to tell me that I’d be getting to work alongside one of the biggest media PR companies.

I mean, hello?! Me? Yep. Apparently so!

Is it daunting? A little. When we had our conference call this week, I sat at the kitchen table, simultaneously jotting down notes and doing more happy dancing with my jaw hanging open as my boyfriend watched on (more on him another time). It’s completely and utterly bonkers, but then I’ve always loved a little adventure!

I guess, as with all the good news stories I post, what I’m trying to say is – never give up hope. I know how hard it is to try and get your book out there, I know how it feels to be a crayfish in a publishing ocean, but this stuff happens! For reals! And of course, I’ll be posting updates about what happens next – lots and lots of fun stuff!

Until then, kisses from Bavaria!



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