Signing contracts and getting official!

It’s been crazy lately. After announcing I’d found myself an agent, I went public (well, on Facebook and Twitter anyway) about my two book deal. It still feels weird saying that. But, its happening. I signed the publishing contract last week and today, I’ll deliver both novels. OH MY ACTUAL GOD.

And breathe.

It has been one hell of a crazy year. Since publishing Together Apart, things have just gone from crazy to crazier – and I’ve spent most of the time smiling like a loon. Of course, I do have to remind myself that this is work. That, after today, I won’t be in paid employment anymore. And that comes with a whole lot of behind the scenes stuff. I’ve had to find an accountant, make myself a Ltd company, open up a business bank account and register for a new EIN from the Inland Revenue. It’s fair to say that it was all a bit overwhelming, not helped by the fact that I had a strict deadline to get it all done by, since I’m flying to India tonight.

But, its all done. Everything that needed to be filed, has been filed. And registered, and so on and so on. Now, all I’ve got left to do is get the proofs back for Pull, get the cover sorted, start publicising it and get it out for release. And learn shiatsu every day. Eek. And all that said? I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.


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