Why travel should be mandatory

If I were president of the world, there are three things I’d do:

1. Every single person on the planet would have access to safe drinking water. Non-negotiable

2. Every single person would be taught how to read and write. Non-negotiable.

3. Travel would be mandatory.

Think about it. You get to meet a whole heap of people, you get to see different cultures, you LEARN. I’ve never met anyone who’s ever said travelling abroad or even in their home country was the biggest mistake they ever made. Sure, it might not always be easy, but it’s such a positive thing. Much more so than, say, national service.

I re-watched a beautiful documentary film at the weekend – this should also be mandatory viewing. After the first time I watched it, I went straight to Wikipedia and looked up the list of filming locations. It inspires me to want to see more of the world and opened my eyes to a lot of things that I never think about. It cleverly shows the parallel between rich and poor, the ‘West’ and the rest, the insane amount of food we consume, the irony of living in boxes and dying in them, as opposed to living in, say, the open country. Both films are definitely the type to make you think and re-evaluate, and I watch them when I need a reality check, as well as injecting with the urge to book a flight somewhere.

There are no words, just beautiful images from around the world, accompanied by music. It won’t be for everyone, but both Baraka and the sequel Samsara are just to beautiful not to share.

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