When dreams start to come true

Something amazing happened last week, something that I never even really dared to dream about. Together Apart broke into the top 100 on Amazon.co.uk.


At the time of writing, it’s sitting at number 43 and number 1 in New Adult and Romantic Suspense. I’ve reverted to checking it on an almost hourly basis. It’s beyond fantastic, but I’d be lying if I said I was pooping my pants at the same time. I honestly never expected it to do so well, especially when the first few months were pretty much barren as far as sales were concerned. So now, the pressure is on for book two.

I have to keep the momentum going and I reckon I’m about 65% of the way there. But, now that I’ll be heading to Goa again, I’ve got to get it published – quick. Man, I like to put myself under pressure, don’t I?

Massive thanks to everyone who’s supported me so far, it means a LOT.


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