If you have an 8-ball…

The weather has turned. The blistering heat, blue skies and outdoor drinking has been halted with the arrival of August and a hurricane. Oh, wait a minute.

That was me having a massive word with myself. Let’s be more accurate, it was a heavy storm where my fence wobbled a bit in the wind. Regardless, the shite weather has done nothing to help my indecision about whether to do a massage course this autumn/winter or go travelling again. There are up and downsides to both. When I speak to my friends who are moving around Europe, selling artwork, busking or performing, I get a massive pang of jealousy. I want to do that too. But then I tell myself, this is their daily life. Travelling is how they make money.

I can’t do that.

Writing is something I can do anywhere, it’s awesome. But I’ve learned that trying to promote a newly published book while you’re travelling is not the best way forward. So, now I’m giving serious thought to bringing the release date for Heart Shaped Bruise forward – forward enough so I can have it out and promotion underway before the horrific winter properly kicks in.

The friend I’d travelled in India with told me yesterday that I had to go away. I’d spend more money than I’d save by staying and he’s right. But it’s not just a question of money (though it would help if I actually started to save some). It’s a question of practicality and forward thinking.

Doing a massage course now will take me through the winter, and I’ll be qualified enough to start practicing it. The downside is, I’ll have to put off travelling for a substantial amount of time until later next year. On the other hand, it’s cold, I don’t know how long I’ll be working for and since life is so unpredictable, who knows if I’ll get to go travelling next year instead of this.


I think I need an 8-ball. Actually, if any of you have one, could you ask it what I should do and post the answer in the comments?


2 thoughts on “If you have an 8-ball…

  1. I’ll be your eight ball ……… do the course …….. you have the rest of your life to travel …… it’s not like a 4 year degrees course is it ……. should I go on …….. do I sound like your dad? ……..

    The weather turning, yes, feel it, too. The chill is off-putting to me as well.

    Anyone can busk you know. There was a guy at Leicester Square tube years ago. All he’d do is stand at the bottom of the stairs, no instruments, just sing, “Leiiiiiicster Square … Ohhhhh…ohhhhhhh…Leicssssssster Square”, over and over. I think he got about as much change as anyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyone can mime as well! I mean, people only see that for a few seconds while they pass if you do out in a strategic spot, so you learn one routine and do it over and over. :d.


    1. LOL I definitely won’t be subjecting anyone to my performing! And no, you don’t sound like my dad….yet!

      I’m going to look into courses this weekend….and maybe look at spending a long weekend or a week in France again just to take some time out and decide what to do….


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