The safest way to travel

As I’m sure most people across the world are aware, a Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down last weekend, killing everyone on board. It’s horrifically sad that those people travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur never got there. What’s more sad, is that there’s now a family in Australia who’ve lost two members of their family on that plane, having already lost a further two family members on the missing Malaysian Airlines plane back in March.

It’s bloody scary and my heart goes out to everyone affected by it.

But these things should never become a barrier to travel. I hate flying. Ok, maybe hate is too strong a word. I dislike it, very much. I can’t deal with turbulence, I hate travelling with other people, I rarely sleep and it drags on and on – but I still do it. It *is* technically the safest way to travel and the reason we hear about plane crashes etc in the news is because it’s so uncommon.

Even if you hate flying, even if you need too take a prozac tablet to get you through it, do. And even though planes can go missing from the sky and get shot down, still take one. Things like this should never detract anyone from seeing the world. Forget national service, travel should be compulsory for everyone. Think how much nicer the world would be if there was less ignorance, more understanding and more compassion? If more people saw what real poverty is and yet still seeing how simple things can enrich lives more than a beautiful house or car.

The simple fact is, everything is dangerous. Trekking through the jungle is dangerous, as is going for a wander on your own in the woods and having your heart stop when you’re followed by a group of Indian teenaged boys (more to come on that another time). But then again, so is stepping out of your front door every day. And we all do that.

It’s immensely tragic that so many lives have been lost in such a brutal way, but for anyone who’s put off travelling because they’re scared for any reason – do it. These kinds of things are news for a reason – they’re not all that common.

One more time (and definitely not wanting to sound like Nike at all) – just do it.

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