My travel bucket list – Part One

Last weekend, I met up with an old work colleague who I hadn’t seen in three years. We’d kept in touch, but personal circumstances on both sides had made it difficult to meet up. The last time I saw her, she was laid up in a hospital bed after back surgery and unfortunetely, it didn’t go as planned. While we were catching up, she told me she’d put together a bucket list of things she wanted to do and places she wanted to see, should anything go wrong in the future, which it might do. I’ve got another friend who has a bucket list, despite not being ill in any way. I’d always thought it was something people did if they were terminally ill, for example, so I havent got one myself, but it did get me thinking about the places I want to see before I die. So, here are the first batch, in no particular order:


I’m a big fan of anything that has to do with the universe, and I reckon the Northern Lights must be pretty epic to see.



I still can’t believe I’ve never been here. But then again, I only made it to Ibiza two years ago. What can I say, I like to take my time.




I’ve been getting into Malian music for a while now and that alone would be a huge reason to go. But also, I’ve been taking more of an interest in my ancestral roots and while I’m fairly sure they’re not in Mali (most likely Ghana), I still want to go to Africa. This is probably first on that particular list.



Which ties me in nicely to my familial home country. What’s not to love? Great music, great food and great weather. I’ve been there before, but only to visit family. Next time, I want to do the whole island, especially Accompong, which is like a little country of its own within Jamaica.




Ever since we learned about the ancient Egyptians in Year 4, I’ve had a fascination with them. I would LOVE to see The Valley Of The Kings with my own eyes!




I was planning to go in 2013 and ended up in France instead. One day, I will get there.



The Galapagos Islands

Another love of mine is nature. I’ve seen this place on so many documentaries and I want to see it for myself. And, I’ll take a podcast with David Attenborough’s voice on it or something, just to complete the link.


That’s it for batch one! Anyone ever been to any of these places?



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