Breaking through the wall

This week, I’ve been mostly getting on with Heart Shaped Bruise. I’ve eaten it, I’ve drunk it, I’ve slept it. I’ve written the opening chapters and then, after some good feedback, re-written it. 16k words – not too shabby so far. And, I’m really, REALLY enjoying it. But, I can feel something coming….I don’t know about anyone else, but I sometimes hit a wall where I just think – what is this? Am I writing complete and utter balls? I’ve had that about Heart Shaped Bruise before, and Together Apart. Maybe it’s perfectly normal to do so, but now, I’ve put it up on Wattpad and my nails are being bitten down in anticipation.

Heart Shaped Bruise is definitely more New Adult that Together Apart was. It’s sexier, it’s sharper. And Wattpad is a great, or not, place to get feedback on something, especially if it’s New Adult. But therein lies my problem. What if its complete poo? What then? I feel like I’m about to start a new job, wondering if anyone will like me.


Will this ever go away, I wonder? Like, if I write five books, and they’re well received (I’m not talking about global runaway sellers here), will I stop worrying about whether it’s all faff?

Answers on a postcard….

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