It’s my 3 month bookversary! #flashsale #kindle

So, as I posted about earlier this week, my book, Together Apart has been out for just over 3 months – my bookversary (see what I did there?).  If this were a relationship. I’d mark the day somehow – even if only mentally. 3 months. Things are starting to get serious. Maybe Facebook statuses have been changed and there’s a toothbrush sitting in a different bathroom (I feel I’m giving far too much away about myself here). But while I poured my blood, sweat and tears into my book, I won’t be rustling up a cosy dinner for it because that would just be weird, and would look desperate. And we all know the saying ‘Desperation is so sexy, said no person. Ever.’

What I am doing though, is letting you all know that for today, you can download it for the princely sum of 99c. Not bad eh?

You can read more about Together Apart here or buy it here.

Happy weekend all!


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